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Black and Blue..!

Sorry that I couldn’t update my blog regularly thanks to my job life.! Well in this fun filled blog I don’t want to fill it up with my Job Connected Sorrows..! well im just me as always and still trying to spread the word of “Mokkai” aka “Bakkar” Aka “Randap” u name it.! :D

And after a months induction program of my firm I finally got my posting in
Bangalore-The city of pubs..! (There goes my Salary). It was me Khurja anil kulavi who are posted here in Bangalore! At first we thought mast ash karenge..! and on the second thought… we knew that our wallets will become virtual whores in this place..!

Rite now blogging has also become a once in a while thing after job has come in between, but my fun loving expedition is never ending..! Its been Two months i have joined my office thank god I dint expect anything great and dreamy b4 i joined my office if I had  then till now i would have been ruined.. coz some of my friends who work in private firms gave me their work schedule and the extra activities other than work i got shocked, thank god they told me after i joined..! hehe…
Anyways I do everything other than work in my office hehe I mean I work but not like others.. since im new I gotta learn the system n stuff so im always on a look out  for people..!!(i.e. KatZ) Well lemme introduce to my friends in my office..! Keshavan (The Thinker), Lawrence (The Planner), Sajjan( The Lightning), Selvan (The Sincere)  Ram (The Chill Pill) well there are  more but I think ill spare another day for them..!  not now..!  oh yeah there are three more interesting personalities…! Rashmi, Manasa and Swetha..( No personality tags as of now for them..! :D :D ) Whole day we all are found busy and the whole day runs smooth until we are not asked Why? Where? When? Who? and How? And mind you we have experts for this.! :P After the first punch at 7am we plan more of how do disappear in the thin air after 3pm..now that’s another big story..

So for a newbie in the office I have mingled with all of them and we have a good time in office working together in pulling each others legs and sometimes we are on the prowl for the new chick or rather ‘chicks’ in the block...! we have a lotta off company gathering the one of the interesting one’s is when Esther(Lawrence’s Allu aka GF) gave a early morning surprise visit from chennai on his doorstep and due to which he had to put an off saying his relative “passed away”(Ouch!..Watte an Idea sirji.!) in the evening we all had outing and Lawrence had an hangover of her surprise visit since everybody in the office knew she is going to come..! hehe..! Keshavan was getting doses from Champa (his Allu aka GF).. well me being the lone single guy there I was having all the visual fun which moves around Garuda on an average weekend…! :D
Meeting college friends has become a regular thing in blore, coz we know what we miss..! :D,spent my Christmas day with neelkanth and Sangeet..! Met pushpam and dogra my seniors (amazing batch) who stay in the next street and we dint know for a month..! I had some of the best times with Papi and the last time we met I had to call subhasis to take him to his place..(bumper out ho gaya tha)..Debarun and meenakshi also showed up in blore and we filled McDonalds with Bakar than burgers.. watte a nite..! thanks for coming..! Had a chota meet in Brigade with Viggy patil  sandeep debayan aks and manish ,I keep on meeting a lotta people some here, some there and  some accidentally...(shouting Deepu..!!!!!! across the road ) but when you meet  and share  the fun all of a sudden a stream of youth runs through your nerves making your friends the most important person.. Feels amazing..!
The other memorable day was on 01.01.10 the New Year’s Day Lawrence had a brilliant idea of going to a home and spending time with the kids there ,playing with them, chocolates and sweet distribution..! uff.. Handling kids is a tuff job..! anna anna anna uncle uncle uncle.. chocolate chochochcochco aaaaayeyeeyeeyeye aaeeaaae Filled the place..! Oneside of my head said “deepu get your ass outta here or these kids will kill you”  but the innocence in their eyes pulled me back.. coz these days innocence is costlier than getting a ride to the moon.. we had an amazing time there..! felt good after a long long time.. reminded me of my school days hmmmm…:)
And This week me and Keshavan Strolled through and through outta bangalores busiest market area and got a tandoori  stove and coal to make kababs on the terrace..!! hehe  people called us crazy but we invited all.. but in the end it was me keshavan and his room mates sandeep rakshit and kiran.. the kebab came out awesome but we had to make a fight for the fire..but hell of an experience and the same we are goin to do in seetha falls this month..:)

Its Been two months and am getting rid of the company stress every day, most of the times we partied in pubs n discos here, but at times I realize that the golden color liquid is not all that fun and it’s your FRIENDS you are more addicted to..!

But after all that fun.. the morning when you stand in front of your office gate.. u pat on your chest saying “Aal Izz Well”…

To be Contd…

--Bad Ass Thambi


Its been ages since I had my day planned to watch only movies on TV in the house. And today was one of those days... I planned to bunk all my energy consuming activities and to sit n watch TV the whole day remind you im not a TV addict..…. I waste a lotta time cant help abt tht.. :P
I get a pack of biscuits n some juice n sit on the couch for the movies lined up..  since there was a movie getting over in another half an hour so planned to  see the news channels n get back to star-movies later on when the new movie starts.. these were the stuff I had to watch..

Headlines Today: EQ-  Rakhi Sawant Bhabhi on “pati patni aur who” trying to squish the cerelac out of that poor baby’s mouth , the couples treat changing diapers like a satellite launch … {Change Channel}
Times Now: Advertisements on products I have never seen b4… {Change Channel}

CNN IBN: some lady taking abt how the stocks went peacefully.. {Change Channel}

CNN: weather forecast in france..!! [wtf ]  n I was wating for the weather forecast on india since due to heavy  monsoon rainfall here.. guess what showed up.. weather forecast in japan..! ..{Channel Change}
now the only thing worth to watch is the Larry King Live  on CNN(Awesome Guy)..

Aaj Tak: “Gujrat mein ek Choti ladki ko saanp(snake) khilone ke tharah khelti hue…!”
Omg.. someone save me.. that thing was on youtube ages b4..!! and I think its     available on some orkut profile videos also {Channel Change}

Sun News: Vegetable market strike in some arbit village in tamilnadu :)  {Channel Change}

Headline Today(again): Karan Johar interview {Channel Change}  {Channel Change}  {Channel Change}  {Channel Change} {Channel Change} {Channel Change}

There was a tragic incident in thekkady in kerela a day before were lot of people lost their lives and family.. and the south west monsoon is splitting water ways n there are floods all over the place and I have rakhi , Japan, France, snake with a baby and vegetable market quarrels on my screen..(Hats Off Media ..!!)  Ok.. I might be on the wrong channel on the wrong time of the day but.. This is just ridiculous..
If these news channels don’t have a news to share they jump to their older reports...  like bodo tribal marriage.. and underwater treasures. Thank god Atlantis is not yet found..  Etc…

Well there was something more which added salt to the wound...Star movies had 1min 45 seconds for the next movie I grounded my back on the couch.. sipping juice, feeling all excited…. Thr was a call on my landline for routine chk up from the telephone exchange 00:15 seconds to go for the start… I keep my remote to the side.. n crunch those biscuits.. n the movie starts… 20th century fox…. touchstone production.. n all.. BOOM..!!!
TATA SKY : dear customer,
                        Please recharge your monthly account for further enjoying tata sky.
                        Toll Free number: 022-2XXXXXX
Game over.. I went to sleep.. :( whatte a day.. I think some one has a vicious hex on me…. Damn you...
But the moment i find the guy who hexed me im goin to shove up a newspaper  into ....



The Real Disclaimer

Lately I been through some newly released bollywood movies and man I got irritated. Of course I cant do anything for it but I can surely suggest a warning message for some movies so the audience is ready for the rain…

You might have noticed that a disclaimer appears on screen b4 any movie starts.. God only know why do they do that when the movie not a fart of stuff in it...

“The characters in this film are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not intentional.”

Well I say to include some more clauses.. as follows..

"The characters in this film are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not intentional. All Stunts*, Nudity** or Exposure ** and Bloodshed*** is only to attract the perverted and the jobless wannabe group in the society and are being made only to increase the Google search hits. All dialogues and music are translated plagiarized versions of an arbit English/South Asian movie so further copy of the songs or posting the following in any other social community or youtube is strictly prohibited and will lead to criminal offences. If you are watching this film on a silver screen impressed by the posters on the road side then we advise you to please vacate your seat and donate the ticket to a person who has a SAT score equal to that of a retard .Any foul language on screen is purely due to the frustration on the director and producer and is not on anybody else. Free coke and popcorns will be available during songs on screen and VAT will be twice as much during intervals. The Last man standing will get a free trip of 3 days and 3 night stay in Antarctica (With AC and refrigerator charges free)".

*,**, *** -If your are annoyed with the concept/actors can call our toll free number

1800-PLS-4-GIVEMYSORRYASS any time.

If the reader is hurt then I have my sincere apologies for it. And ask him/her to continue to watch more of these movies and get entertained.